What We Believe

Baptists believe in:

The Lordship of Christ
Jesus is Lord is the distinctive confession of faith. As individuals and as churches, Baptists seek to make Jesus, Lord of every aspect of their lives.

The authority of the Bible
Baptists believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that the Holy Spirit, through the Bible, shows us God’s way for living.

Baptism for believers
On the basis of the New Testament, Baptists claim that baptism is for believers only. Baptism is only for those who are able to declare Jesus is Lord . As a symbol of Jesus’ claim on their lives, Baptists practice baptism by immersion in which candidates symbolise their desire to die to self and to live for God.

A Believers’ Church
Baptists understand the church as a community of believers gathered by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ for worship, witness and service. Central to Baptist worship is prayer and praise, listening to God’s word in preaching and a gathering around the Lord’s table.

Social action
In the Baptist model of a believers’ church every member has a role to play, whether in teaching, faith sharing, evangelism, social, action, pastoring, guiding, serving, prophetic insight, praying, healing, administration or hospitality.

The church meeting
In a Baptist church, an illustration of the priesthood of all believers is the church meeting. This is the occasion when members come together to prayerfully discern God’s will for their life together. In Baptist churches the final decision rests not with the ministers or deacons but with the members, gathered together in church meetings.. It is the church meeting, for instance, which appoints ministers, elders, deacons, and others who exercise various forms of leadership within a local congregation, agrees financial policy and determines mission strategy.

Baptist churches have always come together in regional, national and international associations for support and fellowship. On the basis of the New Testament, Baptists believe that churches should not live in isolation from one another but rather be inter-dependent.

Sharing the faith
Baptists believe that each Christian has a duty to share their faith with others. Along with this emphasis on evangelism Baptists recognise that mission includes social action and involves promoting justice, social welfare, healing, education, and peace in the world.

Religious freedom
Religious freedom for all has always been a keystone of the Baptist way. Within Baptist churches, tolerance for differences of outlook and diversity of practice are encouraged.

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