Volunteers are at the heart of Community Centres everywhere and it takes a special kind of person to give up their spare time helping to keep Community Centres like Crownway open so that the facilities these centres offer can be used by the local community.

  • Could you spare an hour or two?
  • Are you a special kind of person?
  • Do you like meeting people?
  • Are you aged over 18?

If so, would you like to spend an hour or two helping with the various little jobs that need doing to keep the Crownway Community centre open?

Contact Carol Bostock on 01925 222907 for more information.

Crownway would not be the centre it is today without our many volunteers, read more about them in the Volunteer Success Stories section of the website.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

What does Crownway Community Centre do?

Crownway Community Centre is a modern, multipurpose facility aiming to improve the quality of life and well-being of people living in the Earlestown area of Newton-le-Willows by providing focused community based services and resources.

Do I have to be a local resident or have attended to Centre before to volunteer?

No. We welcome any and all support from volunteers who are able to offer their time, energy and ideas in the most efficient and effective ways. While it would be ideal to live locally, or be familiar with the community or Centre already, it is in no way a requirement.

If I become a volunteer, what will I be expected to do?

We only expect our volunteers to do what they’ve agreed to, and are courteous enough to let us know when or not they are available with some notice. There are many possible volunteer opportunities available at any one time. For the most part, they centre on our bustling Community Cafe which aims to deliver a high quality service to many user groups throughout the working week. The best way to find out more is by asking a member of staff. If you decide to volunteer, you will only be ‘expected’ to do what and as much as you have agreed to prior to starting. We fully appreciate all time freely provided through volunteering!

What sort of people are already volunteering at the Centre?

There is a wide range of people who volunteer for the Centre. They come from different backgrounds and are different ages. Some are retired; others still work or might be students. Many have been volunteering for longer than twelve months, others are relatively new and some have longer standing connections with the Centre. Each works according to their ability, time frame available and fit their volunteering into the daily life.

Will I get support and training?

Yes. Crownway has strong partnerships with many other charities, educational establishments or agencies that provide high quality relevant skills and training that will support you as a volunteer. We are always aiming to develop and extend the training we offer. We are always open to suggestions for new training possibilities.

How much time do I need in order to volunteer?

It varies, depending on the role you are interested in and how much time you would like to use. Contact the relevant person to find more about what is involved in a particular role. It is also possible for roles to be adapted so that a volunteer with less time available can still become involved.

Will I be interviewed?

You will not have a formal interview but you will have an opportunity to talk to a member of staff or another volunteer about why you are interested in volunteering and what you would like to get out of it. This is simply an informal discussion and is as much an opportunity for you to find out more about the organisation as for us to find out what you are interested in.

Do I need qualifications?

No. For certain roles you might need particular skills or experience but qualifications are not essential. Just ask for more information about what skills you might need for a particular volunteer activity.

What if the Centre does not offer a role that I could contribute towards?

If you have a particular interest or skill and would like to use this in your volunteering, speak to a member of staff at the Centre. We may not have thought about this particular activity and you may find that we are open to trying something new.

Do I get my expenses paid while I volunteer?

All reasonable out of pocket expenses are reimbursed, such as travel and car parking. We have a policy for this so it would be a good idea to check with the Centre Manager that a particular expense will be reimbursed before making a purchase.

Can I claim benefits while volunteering?

Yes, you can. The benefits regulations are clear that you can volunteer while receiving benefits, however over time this may vary and change. You do need to inform your benefits adviser that you are volunteering. If you encounter any problems please ask your advisor for support.

Can I leave if I don’t like it?

Yes. If you are not enjoying your volunteer activity you need to speak with the Centre Manager as soon as you start to feel unsettled. There might be something that we can do to help you enjoy your time. For instance, by providing more training or adapting the role in some way. If you still are not happy, you are able to leave at any time, but the more notice you can give us the better.

If any of your questions have not been answered here, please get in touch with a staff member at Crownway for further information.