Our Partners

Centre Managers Network
Crownway Community Centre is an active member of the St. Helens Centre Managers’ Network, with Carol Bostock (Centre Manager) serving as the current treasurer. The overall role of the Network is to bring together managers of local community centres with a strategic remit to influence and/or deliver community development, through sharing knowledge and good practice, pooling of resources, forging links and identifying opportunities to develop provision to meet the needs of the communities they represent.

This partnership has proved to be invaluable to the Centre. Sharing best practice and learning from other Centre’s perspectives have created a shared focus regarding Centre promotion and an understanding of each centre’s uniqueness and differing needs.

Halton & St Helens VCA
Halton & St Helens VCA is a local infrastructure organisation that provides advice, information and development support services to voluntary, community, not-for-profit and faith organisations and volunteers in the Boroughs of St Helens and Halton.

Crownway receives essential support from this organisation in the way of regular volunteer and staff training, accountancy support, payroll systems. Our membership also provides us with access to funding and other informational opportunities that enhance our delivery to the local community.

Community Groups
The community groups that offer services via Crownway as a facility have a consistent positive impact on community members. We have an average annual foot flow of over 16,000 people which is increasing each month. The range and variety of programs on offer cater to all age groups, abilities and backgrounds thus better reducing social exclusion, isolation, poor physical and mental health, and improving community support networks.

Health Improvement Team & Bridgewater
We have recently partnered up with the St Helens Health Improvement Team – part of Bridgewater Community Healthcare – who deliver weekly ‘Fresh Start’ courses free of charge to members of the public, based around principles of exercise and diet with the aim of improving nutritional awareness, health living, eating and weight management.

Age Concern
Age Concern currently delivers three social groups per week – one a successful Luncheon Club every Thursday – and is one of our most popular activities among community members. It is committed to enhancing and improving the life of older people and aims to provide high quality services needed by the elderly at a price they can afford.

Local Schools
We work regularly with several local schools in providing opportunities for learning, work experience and providing or supporting community activities.

Newton & Earlestown Food Bank
We work with Food Bank volunteers by helping to support the growth of this much-needed service of providing food parcels to low-income and vulnerable families. We act as a a donation and referral point for those who find themselves in difficult circumstances who need a helping hand.

Jobcentre Plus
We provide an access point for Jobcentre Plus clients who need support with their job-seeking activities, with the introduction of the new online Universal Jobmatch and Government Gateway system.