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New! Zumba Gold

Ideal for – but not exclusive to – the active older participant! Low impact and easy to follow Zumba Gold session will be available from: at Crownway Community Centre. Runs every Monday from 10.45am – 11.45am at a cost of £4.00 per week.

No need to book a place, just come along and enjoy one hour of gentle invigorating Latin-based dance fitness. Our recent taster session was a huge success with an all around positive response to the dance style. Catering to individual needs, you can participate sitting down if you prefer and our Zumba Gold instructor, Louise, will be on hand to give you support and make the session an enjoyable one!

Beryl Finney

My name is Beryl Finney and I’ve been volunteering at Crownway Community Centre from day one. I was the Fundraising Co-ordinator for the Earlestown Baptist Church during the years they were looking for funding to build a new Church. I have been Secretary to the Crownway Management Committee since its inception and now do most of that work from home.

When Crownway Community Centre first opened I acted as Centre Manager for the first three years before we were successful in being awarded a grant for funding to employ a Centre Manager: I then gradually faded into the background. I act as Line Manager to Carol our Centre Manager on behalf of the Management Committee.

On Thursdays I volunteer in the Kitchen: Thursdays are busy because we have a Luncheon Club for Age Concern and it gets pretty hectic. I also help out on Friday evenings to give Carol a break from evening work.

I’m extremely proud to be involved with the Crownway Organisation which, under Carol Bostock’s leadership, is going from strength to strength.


As it’s the New Year, we thought it was about time to collect together some testimonials from our current and past users to demonstrate the quality of facilities we provide here at the Centre. A lot of work has gone into the building, the services provided and partnerships created since its official opening in 2005, and so we are proud to celebrate the success we enjoy! The following is just a selection of recent testimonials we have received.

“We have been running Fresh Start classes for a few months now at Crownway and it is always nice to be there. The staff are always helpful and the main hall we use for our sessions is ideal for purpose.”

Mark Flannery, St Helens Health Improvement Team.

“We choose Crownway as it provides a great space for our street dance courses/staff meetings and is of a central hub to many schools we work in throughout Newton le Willows. We hope to continue working at Crownway throughout 2012, as our street dance classes have proved a great success.”

Andy Hilton, Academy of Sport

“We have been at Crownway for 18-months now and we are very pleased with the facilities on offer. Everybody is welcomed and nothing is too much trouble. The staff and volunteers go out of their way to accommodate us in delivering the services of Age Concern Newton-le-Willows. I would highly recommend Crownway Community Centre and its facilities to any inquiring organisation.”

Barbara Skeech, Age Concern Newton-le-Willows

The centre provides the use of 10 laptop computers and wifi throughout the building, which I use for the delivery of a basic computer class every Monday morning. The meeting rooms and main hall are equipped with multi-media facilities comprising of large screens for video or laptop presentations, with amplification for microphone or sound if needed.

I also deliver a popular line dancing session every Thursday evening and up to thirty or forty line dancers enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Centre and the staff; the cafe facility is an excellent addition for providing drinks and snacks.”

Gordon Blackburn, Trustee & Volunteer

We have been running a family Stay & Play group for over two years at the Centre; all the staff and volunteers are wonderful and helpful and always open to suggestions on menu changes for the children during Tots Cafe. The Hall is spacious and is always clean for our purposes.”

Cath Bent, Stay & Play Group Leader

“We have used Crownway to host our meetings on three occasions and the quality of facilities, room, equipment, ambience, stationary, refreshments and service have all been outstanding. Crownway is a warm and welcoming community venue and we intend to use this venue a lot more in the future.”

Cath Lewis, Halton & St Helens VCA (Children & Young People’s VCFS)

“On every occasion the staff were supportive and welcoming and showed a helpful understanding of the needs of our service. Excellent environment and facilities – I couldn’t praise them more  highly. Thanks to everyone at Crownway for your  support!”

Mike Towell, Barnados North West

“We used a room at the centre for a Learning Advocates Network Meeting.  The staff at the centre were very friendly and professional.  They  made us feel so welcome  and responded to any needs we had immediately. The facilities that were provided were of a high standard and the location was very handy for people travelling from a range of locations around the North West.”

Liz Johnston, The Johnston Partnership

“It is always a pleasure to come into the Crownway Community Centre being met by friendly staff. We are looked after… when we come to the tap class.  The room is always clean and ready for us to use. The ladies stay behind and use the café after the class to sit and chat and buy a drink of tea, coffee, orange etc which whoever is on duty provides for us. It is just as pleasurable to use the café after the lesson as much as the tap class itself. The number of people attending the class has grown since I started and we are all enjoying using the building for our meeting.  The floor is brilliant for the purpose of tap dancing and the large area also gives people plenty of room to dance. The class also enjoys meals out at summer and Christmas which means that the people bond as friends and not just members of a class. I look forward to using the room for the foreseeable future.” 

Linda Tither, Tap Dancing tutor

“We were impressed with how helpful and courteous the staff were. The catering was excellent.”

Emma Rodriguez Dos Santos, St Helens LINk

“I have used the Crownway Centre facilities over the past 5 years on a weekly basis and this venue has always been well attended by my client group who felt they were welcomed and had a confidential area to discuss their needs. It is easy to find with parking facilities and staff are friendly and helpful.”

Linda Andrews, Starting Point

“A great venue, particularly as we are an Amateur dramatics group, the facilities provide great acoustics for singing in the large hall. The staff are very friendly and always helpful.”

Tracy Barham, NADOS

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Key Achievements of 2011

As we’re beginning to wrap things up for the Christmas break here at Crownway, we’d like to present some of our key achievements that have been reached during the past twelve months.

We will be closing on Friday 16th December and

reopening on Tuesday 3rd January 2012.

Big Lottery

Carol our Centre Manager has now completed three successful and intensive telephone interviews with Big Lottery Grants Officer, Kerry McGlynn. We were also lucky enough – from one perspective! – to be picked at random for an official visit in late June, where a representative came to Crownway for the day and observed the Centre, its staff and volunteers in action. The result we are pleased to say was very positive, and we received excellent feedback on our progress.

We have specific outcomes that were proposed in our successful Big Lottery Reaching Communities funding bid, and with all of these we are completely on track and in some cases, exceeding our figures and time frame in which to do them. Our objectives revolve around providing opportunities for training, accessing gentle exercise programmes, investing resources into our volunteers to strengthen the support basis of the Centre, improve working relationships with local organisations and operating a Young People’s club. Carol is now underway submitting funding bids to reestablish this club as in its trial run it was incredibly successful.

New Admin Assistant

Crownway generated enough funds from room hire bookings last year to employ a part-time administrator — this allowed Carol to unburden herself of a lot of the paperwork in the office and to focus more on the accountancy and funding side of her role. Craig joined us at the beginning of March and came from another local community centre where he worked in a similar capacity.

Crownway Community Cafe

Environmental Health awarded us a four star rating on the doors which we think is a great achievement. Lets aim for absolute perfection and get those five stars! The Cafe is growing in popularity and is getting more recognition in the local area — tell your friends and family about our facilities and services and help to strengthen community ties — more details about Cafe opening times and whats on the menu in the cafe section.

New Regular Activities & Programmes

This year we gained an influx of new fitness and health related programmes: Fresh Start, Fit4Life, and Shoots Food Co-op which have all proved very popular with local community members. Fresh Start and Fit4Life are on a rolling 10-week and 6-week programme so please register your interest with the Health Improvement Team to be booked on the next run. Shoots Food Co-op is open for more members – please support local fresh produce.

New Volunteers

Crownway gained three new volunteers this year: Ruth who works in the kitchen on Thursdays is a big support in the running of the Age Concern Luncheon Club; Jackie on Wednesdays assists with the Tots Cafe and brings her excellent customer service skills to parents, carers and their children. Finally Terry, who helped over the spring and summer in  caretaking of the building on Wednesdays and assisted weekly in our computer class on Mondays. Thank you to these three for their ongoing support and to all other volunteers who made them feel welcome.

Training & Skilling Up

Crownway wouldn’t be the successful community centre that it is without the support of our dedicated volunteers. Since last year, the majority of volunteers have undergone training to improve their skills and awareness in the following areas: customer service skills, active & effective communication, finding valuing and recruiting volunteers, safeguarding vulnerable adults & children, manual handling, food hygiene, first aid and more….! Over the summer Carol completed an NVQ Level 3 in Retail and Craig finished a Level 2 and 3 in Customer Service.

The majority of volunteers and staff members underwent Fire Extinguisher training in October with K.W. Fire Protection, who delivered a fantastic half-day course in the identification, proper use and handling of fire extinguishers in the event of an emergency. We spent time outside in the chilly autumn air, goggled and gloved on the car park blasting off every extinguisher we are equipped with… and got a few strange looks from passers by! But we all took a strong message away about fire safety and how to handle a fire emergency so it was very much worth it — and we all had fun too!

Other Successes

  • Crownway’s Open Day raised £200.00 for the centre.
  • New partnerships have been forged with local companies and organisations.
  • Cory Environmental, Leigh Community Art Group and Helena Partnerships hosted large events.
  • Worked with St Helens based graphic and web designers, Cultivate Creative to relaunch the new Crownway website.