Valerie Singleton


Hello, my name is Valerie Singleton and I am a volunteer Cafe Assistant in the Crownway Community Cafe on Mondays and Tuesdays. I am also a trustee and a member of the Management Committee which meets several times per year with the Centre Manager to discuss and make essential decisions relating to the Community Centre’s development. When the original Earlestown Baptist Church was demolished in the year 2000, I was actively involved in a fundraising and grant application group whose vision was to put a new building on the site for community and Church use (which I am also a member of). This work was completed in October 2005, with our community cafe as a main hub. It was from this date that I became a volunteer at Crownway. My main motivation to continue grows out of a belief in the value of a Centre in our community, where essential activities, services and facilities are available for use for those who need them. I believe we have now established a place where kindness, generosity and friendship exist for local people and I am immensely proud of what we have all achieved.

I’ve participated in many volunteer training courses over the past several years, including Health & Safety, First Aid, Food Hygiene, Cookery Skills, Protecting Vulnerable Adults, and more.

The volunteering I do – contributing to a worthwhile cause each week – gives me an increased sense of purpose and usefulness. I enjoy the company it brings, the friendships I make and the knowledge that I am helping to lay a foundation for a long lasting and valued Community Centre in Earlestown.